Unglazed Internal Doors

Unglazed internal doors are traditional, solid wooden doors that have no glazing (panes of glass) in the frame. Unglazed internal doors a perfect for a variety of homes and styles, and with their superior insulation properties, they’re great when you want to keep heating or cooling from escaping, or simply when you want some extra privacy. Christian views unglazed internal doors as a great option for many different types of décor because of their versatility and durability, but don’t just take it from us — check out our fantastic range today!

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Benefits of using Unglazed Internal Doors

Unglazed internal doors provide the designer with a solution to situations where glass would be too restrictive in terms of design or space. Unglazed Internal Doors can be as lightweight as 35mm thick or as strong as 44mm thick and are available in a variety of designs allowing you to choose the perfect option for your new interior door design.

Unglazed doors have become the most preferred choice of many homeowners and builders. Unglazed interior doors are also talked about in many places as they were considered expensive to make earlier. But due to its variety of features, people are turning to internal unglazed doors for creating a stylish look within their homes or businesses.

How to choose the right Unglazed Internal Door

Whether you’re replacing an old door or just looking to upgrade your home, choosing the right material for an inner door can be tricky. It’s important to consider all the factors, including the type of handle you want, how it will look, and durability. Helping you choose the right unglazed internal door is our guide to getting the very best product for your money.

Choosing the right untreated unglazed internal door is one of the most important decisions that can be made when designing a new home. There are so many different varieties of timber and finishes available that it can often confuse the average buyer to make the right choice.