Room Dividers

A room divider can make any room seem more airy and spacious. It can separate the living room from the kitchen, or give you a bit of privacy in your bedroom when you have overnight guests.

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Create the perfect atmosphere

How room dividers can create a great atmosphere. It is said that the first impression is the last and it stays true in every field. There are a lot of factors that go into giving a great impression, be it your job, school, shopping, even dating. It becomes more important if you are throwing a party in your house. If you have decided to throw a cocktail party in your house then you should have enough space to accommodate your family members and the guests without creating any pressure or discomfort. Aside from having ample space, you should take care of the small details so that your party would be talked about long after it has ended.

Our Range 

At IFD, we have a superb range of Room Dividers. Offering style at a reasonable price, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you are looking for Oak, White or even primed black, our range ticks all the boxes.

Types of Finishes

If you have a unique decor and you are worried that you will not find the right match for it, worry no longer as there are many different styles to choose from. Our room dividers come in various styles, colours, finishes and materials. White Primed Room Dividers will tie any interior decor together, or for a more contemporary look, opt for Oak.

Why IFD?

At IFD, we always put our clients above all else. Our team is only a call or email away, feel free to contact them with any questions you may have. Even if you are struggling to find the right size for your doorway, we offer a made-to-measure service to ensure your requirements are met! Get in touch today for unbeatable prices.