Pocket Door Systems

Pocket doors are a type of sliding door, which is typically used as interior doors to hide storage units and for aesthetic appeal. The most common pocket door systems feature a track mounted at the top of the wall about halfway from one side of the doorway to the other and is designed to slide or swing between two vertical tracks.

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What are Pocket Doors/Systems?

Pocket door systems were designed specifically for spaces where you want to maximize space for storage or rooms that are oddly shaped. These doors slide in and out of a pocket, hence the name. But that doesn’t mean they are limited by size. You can buy ready-made pocket doors, but can also build your own custom ones based on the dimensions of your doorway. 

How are they used?

The most popular uses for pocket door systems are closets and pantries. One way to increase the storage space in a closet or pantry is by adding a pocket door, as it provides access that is both unobtrusive and out of the way.


Pocket door systems may have a bulky name, but they offer sleek stylish benefits. They are ideal for creating an upscale look in your home that is also functional and affordable. Pocket doors are typically used in kitchens to close off a laundry or storage area but can be placed in any room where you want extra security while maintaining an open floor plan.