Grey Internal Doors

Grey internal doors are one of the most preferred shades for doors. Doors that are painted in this colour create a calm and serene environment. Apart from their beautiful shade, grey internal doors also provide great insulation to your house.

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Grey internal doors are becoming increasingly popular. One of the benefits of an all grey door is that it can brighten up a room by not being too dark or bold. Although some argue that you need both light and darkened space in every room, we feel that having too many dark areas can make a room feel smaller. This makes sense as when you paint your rooms lighter, it makes them seem bigger as there are fewer shadows.

Our Grey Internal Door Range

Grey doors are an ultra-modern design that is out on the market. At IFD, we have you covered with our vast range of grey internal doors to choose from. Here are a few designs:

The Mexicano Laminated Grey is a timeless design with a trendy twist. Finishing off this design with a lovely gold or matt handle will surely get the guests talking!

The Salerno Pre-Finished Light Grey is a popular design for many homeowners. Featuring 12mm grey lipping, eliminating the need to paint. This door is fully finished, eliminating time and hassle.

The Vancouver 5P Pre-finished Ash Grey is a stunning ladder-style door that is pre-finished in a smooth ash grey. Great for modern interiors.

Benefit from Grey Internal Doors

Grey doors are the most commonly used interior doors in Britain because they offer a uniform and sophisticated look. This makes grey internal doors perfect for nearly any bedroom, home office or spare room. They leave your rooms looking cleaner and more put together, an important factor for potential buyers who will be viewing your home. By rebuilding your home with new grey doors you will also be increasing its capital value, making it easier to sell at a later date should you need to.