Georgian Internal Doors

Georgian internal doors create luxurious, stylish rooms with a timeless feel. Whether you are planning on adding them to your home or choosing them as part of your professional job, you will love the results.

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Georgian Internal Doors usually feature six panels. Two smaller panels at the top and four larger panels beneath. Our Georgian Internal Doors come Pre-finished and unfinished, opting for unfinished works out cheaper and you have the choice to finish the door how you see fit.

Benefit from Georgian Internal Doors

Benefits of Georgian internal doors include a decorative and attractive appearance, good value for money and they will suit any interior. Many homeowners these days forget to consider the importance of interior doors. With the many limitations on the usage of wood, a lot of homeowners don’t want to purchase external wooden doors. Georgian internal doors are an excellent option to choose if you’re looking for something that is attractive, yet functional and durable at the same time. 


If you cannot find the right size for your doorway, do not panic! At IFD, we offer a made to measure service for a wide range of our door styles. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.