White Fire Doors

Brighten up your home with our glamorous range of white fire doors, whether a modern or traditional interior. We have various sizes, styles and shapes for you to choose from.

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Showing 1–48 of 59 results

Why choose White?

It is not a hidden fact that White is the highest selling colour for fire doors in the market. It is because customers are looking for an aesthetic appeal to their house or office building. 

There are many benefits as to why you should have white fire doors in your commercial building. Having White Fire Doors in your building can ensure that your buildings stand out over the rest and gives your business an image that lets others see how great or particular you are about your facility so they can also benefit from it.


Our White Fire Doors come in a range of styles; here are a few examples:

Amsterdam – This design features three striking panels with mouldings. Fitting for modern and traditional homes

Mexicano – This design features accentuated vertical panels, providing a modern look to your interior.

Regency – The regency features 6 panels in a Georgian design, giving your home a traditional feel.

Purpose of Fire Doors

The latest technology for fire protection products Fire doors is used in buildings to slow the spread of fire by denying it the oxygen that fuels its rapid growth. The purpose of fire doors, when properly sized, is to restrict and control the passage of flame and gaseous products of combustion, prevent a room from filling with smoke, and protect openings through walls and floors between stories. 

Selection and Installation 

Fire doors are made primarily for people’s safety within a building when there is an emergency. They serve most importantly as a barrier to prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other parts of the building where fire and smoke detectors are installed. There are different types, like a horizontal sliding or vertical sliding fire door that requires less effort to open without sacrificing safety.