Unfinished Fire Doors

Unfinished internal fire doors, These internal doors are a popular choice for older properties where external fire doors are an essential safety feature and also for new developments where the interior finish will be completed later on.

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Our range of unfinished internal fire doors is the perfect choice for a classic look without the cost. Our unfinished fire doors come in various sizes, in oak finish and white primed options and more!. They’re easy to install and 100% maintenance-free. 

What is an unfinished door?

An unfinished door allows the customer to choose the finish that is right for them. Whether it be varnish, oil or wax, unfinished doors are also a cheaper option.

An unfinished door is often sized and designed to allow for installing a doorknob, lockset, and door handle(s) installed later. The primary purpose of an unfinished door is to protect the surrounding interior from drywall dust and insulate occupants against sound damage during the final finishing stages of construction. Using an unfinished door during the preliminary stages of construction will allow for more efficient use of space, leading to a higher return on investment once the home is complete.

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Fire doors at a vast range of prices. Shop our wide selection of fire doors and unfinished fire doors to find the fireproof door you need. There’s no reason to compromise on quality when opting for an unfinished door, and your saved-up budget can help you purchase other, more urgent safety features. 

Do I need FD30 Doors?

Fire doors are a safety precaution and are required by law to be fitted by all landlords. Landlords may wish to install fire doors as a priority because they reduce the risk of fire-related injuries and damage that may occur. For example, unlocked doors allow smoke and heat to infiltrate the building. Fire doors, therefore, control these elements and contain them in the event of an emergency.

The Perks of Fire Doors

An increased level of security is needed in these times of unrest, and this is why it has become imperative that people can install fire doors in their homes as soon as possible. It is natural for people to want to feel safe and secure, but they first need to put themselves into a position where this can be guaranteed if the worst were to happen.

Fire doors are a large part of fire safety and are incredibly vital in protecting your home from harm. Fire doors act as the first line of defence for fire and give you time to escape. They can help save lives. When you install fire doors in your home or business, you’ll be able to avoid the devastating effects of a fire.