Primed Fire Doors

Protect your home with our stunning range of Primed Fire Doors. We have a wide range of styles and designs for you to choose from, whether it be a modern or traditional design.

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Primed Doors

Primed doors are pre-primed, usually in white. This allows you to paint the door in any colour you like without sanding it down beforehand. Our Primed Fire Doors are becoming increasingly popular. Browse our range today.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are necessary to keep the spread of fire to a minimum and to separate your home from the danger of an inside fire. However, this is not a standard practice in all places.

Fire doors are hung in between two separate spaces, and their purpose is to prevent the spread of fire. If you are looking for a fire door supplier and installing some fire doors in your home, you might need a professional.

Selection and Installation 

Fire doors are an essential part of a building’s fire abatement system. They can help to reduce the spread of fire and prevent people from being trapped in a fire. Their purpose is to allow safe passage between floors of a building during construction, and it should be designed according to fire-resistant specifications.

Building work

When renovating or refurbishing your home, this usually goes with purchasing new doors. Building regulations are an essential part of this work. Primed doors are a great choice as the level of protection these doors hold will hold from noise and dust. When work is completed, all that is needed is a finishing coat of paint. Job done!