Pre Finished Fire Doors

Pre finished fire doors are suitable for residential as well as commercial purposes. They offer impressive performance in insulation, strength and durability. Along with corrosion resistance, these doors also provide good sound insulation at both high and low frequencies.

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Prefinished fire doors are constructed to be used as interior doors for a building to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one section of the building to another section. These doors help in preventing an uncontrollable fire from spreading quickly throughout the whole structure. They are available in various sizes, strengths and configurations and can be installed easily without any complicated carpentry work.

What is Pre-Finished?

What is a Prefinished Internal Door? A prefinished internal door is not self-explanatory. They are also often referred to as factory finished doors which can further confuse things. So what exactly is a prefinished door?

Prefinished doors come ready for hanging within hours after leaving the factory. They meet all of the current building regulations as standard such as fire, dirt, termite and general construction standards. This makes them eligible for your Building Warrant from your local Council. Like prefinished internal doors?… well, you can view our wide range of designs here.

Opting for prefinished 

Prefinished doors are the best option for fire doors as they are in great demand worldwide. Offered prefinished fire doors are designed for use in compromised air circulation or places with a high humidity level. These doors require little maintenance and hence offer great value for money.

Pre-Finished Flush

When it comes to installing a door, finishing the space between the door and the wall is just as important as finishing the door itself. The superior fit and finish of prefinished flush internal doors means less time measuring and fitting, so you can spend less time installing your interior doors and more time enjoying them.

Prefinished Oak

Our prefinished oak internal doors say “built-in luxury” and provide a higher quality finish than the traditionally painted alternative. The solid oak construction offers a real presence with minimal maintenance and no requirement for ongoing restorative care. A range of door styles is available, including solid, patterned and beaded, which offer greater design solutions.