Panel Fire Doors

Panelled fire doors are a type of fire door in which the frame is constructed with horizontal rails and vertical stiles. The design provides a narrower textured look than standard metal doors while providing several benefits over traditional doors and enhanced fire, heat, and smoke protection.

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Fire doors are considered as the part of the building that restricts and prevents the spread of a fire from one compartment to another. The word panelled may directly relate to the conventional function of a fire door in the respect that they keep the fire from spreading from one room to other is through panelling, but they also separate a primary function from secondary functions within a single room. 

Fire doors play an essential part in ensuring the building’s inhabitants’ safety against the fire. Building regulations have been set and apply for most countries that deal with setting the level of protection required for fire doors. Panelled fire doors, including high-temperature doors, excels as their panels allow them to withstand extreme temperatures.

Why Fit Fire Doors

Fire can spread very quickly. It spreads by using the oxygen in the atmosphere to help it burn. If there are no vents for the flames to travel through, which can take the oxygen away, it will not be possible for the fire to grow any larger than the area available to burn in. By fitting a Fire Door, you reduce the amount of oxygen that can get into the areas of your property where fires can start.

Panelled Fire Door Designs

The type of panelled fire door designs has become a necessity as it is the safety barrier against the penetration of smoke and fire spread from one room to another. There are two types of fire-rated doors: solid core and composite. The composite fire door is much lighter in weight compared to the solid core fire door. Nevertheless, both types of fire-rated doors have their own set of characteristics and usages that must be clarified prior to installation.

Glazed Panelled Fire Doors are available, as well as a range of different colours to suit your interior décor! At Internal Fire Doors, design is just as important as the door’s function.

Fitting fire doors

Seek professional help before fitting fire doors. Fire doors must be installed properly in order to conform to the required fire and life safety codes. The installation process for a fire door has three basic steps, which include (1) locating the rough opening, (2) preparing the rough opening for the fire door, and (3) installing the fire door.