Georgian Fire Doors

Georgian Fire Doors are a superb addition to any home. Finish off the look of your home with our extensive range of Georgian Fire Doors. Choose from flat or raised panels.

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The Georgian range of fire doors is available in a variety of designs to suit your style and taste. Manufactured in our factory here in the UK from top quality components, each door is fully tested to ensure it meets stringent safety standards. For more information about the full Georgian range, please contact us on 02077706506

Why Fire Rated Doors?

Though security is always a priority, you never really think about fire protection until it’s too late. That’s why fire doors are used. They help protect your property, possessions and most importantly – people – from the devastating effects of fire. Our Georgian Fire Doors provide 30-minute protection from fire, giving you and your family time to escape.

Georgian Fire Doors

Georgian Fire Doors work perfectly with period and modern homes. At IFD, the style will not be compromised for the sake of efficiency. We offer standard door designs that match our fire doors, avoid style changes and maintain a consistent design throughout your home.

Georgian doors are one type of grand door often seen in extravagant homes. The doors are usually made from wood and have a wrought iron frame to hold the glass panes of the doors. While designed in the Georgian era, these types of doors still remain popular in homes today.

Select and Install

The selection and installation of fire doors is essential for any business or residential home. In the UK, it’s required by law that all homes have a fire exit plan and that fire doors are installed in any rooms where people might spend large amounts of time. Fire doors can also provide extra security for businesses, as they may only be opened with a key.