Flush Fire Doors

Flush fire doors are used for a variety of different purpose. One of the more common uses is as an alternative to traditional fire doors. Traditional steel or aluminium framed fire doors are often installed in locations where there is not much clearance around the door, making it difficult to provide adequate protection. Flush door are designed to put your mind at ease.

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Why Flush?

What makes Flush fire doors so special is their panelled effect, and V cut grooves. These doors exude elegance as well as protecting your home. Do not compromise style for the sake of efficiency. We also have matching standard internal doors to maintain the style throughout your home.


At IFD, we have a wide range of styles for you to choose from. Our flush range consists of Ash Grey, White Primed, Charcoal, Light Grey, and many more. The modern, elegant patterns will surely make your doors stand out!

The purpose of fire rated doors

It is easy to forget the importance of installing fire doors in our homes and business buildings. Fire doors serve various purposes, such as controlling the spread of fires, maintaining the temperature of a room, and privacy.

Selection and Installation

The selection and installation of fire doors is a trade that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. They have to be selected and installed in such a way to comply with the Fire Safety Orders. Although sometimes, it is not easy to determine the compliance of the existing doors without jeopardizing your safety.