Black Fire Doors

Black fire doors are a stunning addition to any home. They are a truly elegant design and provide a new, warm feel to modern homes. Black Fire doors are one of our most popular door choices for customers.

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Nowadays, people are opting for simpler designs for their offices or houses. With White walls and wood flooring, black doors will stand out. Black fire doors differ from standard black doors with their sleek design and high durability.

Fire doors are made from composite materials and a solid core. They are fire tested to ensure they meet regulations. An intumescent seal is installed on the corner. Here are two features of an intumescent seal.

  • They restrict the fire from spreading to other rooms.
  • They prevent smoke from travelling between rooms. This is crucial as smoke is toxic and can suffocate people within the home.


Every fire door should possess an easy-open, hard-close feature. Our fire doors have just that. We also have FSC Certification for all our fire doors. 


Why Do You Need Fire Doors?

Fire doors are more costly than internal doors. They are common in commercial places with high fire risks like factories. Some buildings are obligated to install fire doors, like flats and hotels.

  1. Kitchens are the most common places to install fire doors. It is recommended to separate a kitchen with a fire door from other rooms of the house.
  2. The main entrance is another. If a fire was to break out, the entrance would remain clear, giving you an easy escape route.


Why opt for Black?

Our beautiful collection of black fire doors are becoming increasingly popular. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Their sleek, modern design.
  • Black matches most colours and décor
  • They emphasize darker items within your home.

Before purchasing fire doors, your sizing requirements should be thoroughly analysed, it may or may not fit the existing door frame. Professional advice is recommended for installing fire doors. 

Feel free to contact a member of our team for any information.