1960s Fire Doors

1960s style fire doors come in many different shapes and sizes and can be found in either solid or perforated designs. These fire doors were designed to be installed in residential properties during the 1960s and match a wealth of interior décor schemes.

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Doors can sometimes be forgotten about when it comes to upgrading and decorating your home. They are often a necessity and don’t offer anything visually attractive. Over the years, many styles have come and gone over the years, but one decade ago, doors became an eye-catcher in the 1960s. Here at IFD we offer a wide range of styles to choose from.

Why 60s style?

The 1960s are back! Or are they? With our selection of high-quality authentic fire doors from this era, you’ll enjoy the best of both periods. Our wood grain finish doors will provide a classic look with modern technology and durability while still allowing you to retain the vintage charm.

The 1960s style door is very similar to the 1930s internal door, the main difference being, the 30s style features one large panel at the top, whereas the 60s style features three separate panels.


A fire door is a door installed in a wall that provides a fire-resistance-rated barrier to a building’s fire spread. Fire doors are designed to resist the spread of Fire and smoke between compartments of a building via a shared opening such as an entranceway. Some types of buildings require fire doors to protect openings, such as stairways discharging to an exit or lobby. Most modern designs favour constructing separate smaller compartments rather than large hall-like spaces which tend to encourage smoke and heat blockage.”

Do you need Fire rated doors?

Fire doors not only save lives during fires, but they can also be a real lifesaver in your home. Fire doors protect the Fire from spreading as fast and slow down the Fire’s progress. If you upgrade your existing fire doors to new ones, you will find yourself having a safer household. It just makes sense to install fire doors.

Installation and Selection

Fire doors are crucial in the protection of structures, be it residential or commercial. Fire doors are not like the standard doors that are used in our homes and offices. The fire doors should meet the requirements of a fire stopping barrier, so they can block every ounce of oxygen from getting inside the building that is on Fire. They should have very strong construction, maybe other than flammable materials, to ensure that they can withstand the forces brought by extreme temperatures and pressures. A qualified joiner is recommended for the installation of fire doors.