1930s Fire Doors

1930s fire doors are in high demand and are a superb choice for any interior. They add sophistication to any property and, as a popular restoration project, can be converted back to their original glory with a captive key.

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1930s Fire Doors have a striking appearance; they really are something special. It may interest you to know that these fire doors are becoming increasingly popular.

Why 1930s style?

Our 1930s-style fire doors offer the classic look of a vintage fire door, with added features such as double-sprung hinges that will never wear out. Perfect for interior doors in vintage properties, our 1930s-style fire doors can be trimmed up to a certain measurement to ensure a snug fit in any opening.

A huge choice of vintage 1930s fire doors and also modern fire doors with the traditional 1930s design features including latches, handles and frames to choose from to finish off your door.

Why do I need to install fire doors? 

This may seem like a perplexing question, but there is no reason. Under the building Fire Safety Order (England) provisions, even individual buildings and premises must be equipped with fire doors. The fire doors are necessary for the partial closing of a room or compartment to protect the body from contact with fire, smoke or harmful fumes and separate the burning compartment from adjacent rooms. Such destructive phenomenon leads to injuries and fatalities if people do not rely on the reliable protection of fire safety door.

Selecting and Installing 

A lot goes into the installation process of fire doors. From making sure that the door is the correct size for a fire stop to choosing the right material, some considerations must be made during the installation. While this should be left up to professionals, you can still give your input on which type of fire door you would like and where you would like it installed. If you want to choose between different types of materials for your fire doors or if you want to have input on where fire doors will be installed, then you as an owner must understand what goes into the selection and installation of fire doors.