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Internal Fire Doors

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Fire DoorsOtherwise known as the timeless designs
that will always be in fashion, the reason
is obvious - they are classics!

Fire Doors

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Internal DoorsCheck out the doors that are proving
to be the most popular right now,
they are always in high demand so be quick!

Fire Doors

Why choose fire doors

Fire Doors (also known as Fire Exterior Doors) are an essential part of the fire safety policy within any business. These products are designed to help protect against the spread of fire and these have been specifically approved for use against FD30 spread of fire. This means that not only can you choose from a wide variety of door materials but you can be assured that these doors meet current building regulations for security purposes.

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Premium Fire Doors

A huge range of functional products for every job. Most jobs use a combination of doors and fire doors being the main ones, so the range is purposely large to ensure we have something to suit your needs.

Only UK Trusted Door Brands

If you need fire doors why not choose from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers. Our vast range of fire doors is available in different materials and styles to fit your needs. As UK Trusted Door Brands, we’re committed to quality and excellence in everything we do. You’ll find our Fire Doors at a competitive price. Fire doors are tested to withstand and resist flame and heat for 30 minutes of firefighting, which is essential for buildings housing important documents or facilities.

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